About us


We are a mother and daughter team! Thistle and twine began out of necessity in 2015 as a tiny teething necklace shop. I was a tired, nursing mother who was frustrated by my then five month old’s wandering eyes, hands and so on. I began making leather, wood and silicone necklaces that looked good on and served an important purpose! The necklaces were sustainable, fashionable, comfortable and most importantly, fun. Life got busy, my teething baby grew and Thistle and twine fell by the wayside. Fast forward five years and here we are! My daughter (Emilia) and I (Lindsey) enjoy sitting side by side and making, together. Where she plans her designs from beginning to end on paper, I fly by the seat of my pants, creating spur of the moment. I bounce ideas off of her and she does the same with me and together, we make unique jewelry for all to enjoy!